Daily Reptilian Prompt: Shocked Geckos

“So, let me get this straight. The skunks are in Sweden now.”

“Yep. Good book, huh?”

“It’s about globe-trotting skunks, honey-badgers, and wolverines. What do you think.”

“I’m still working on it. Bob hasn’t found his food yet, the skunks still haven’t gotten to Disneyland and Short Round, Syrah, Guiño, and Willow haven’t even been written in. I’ll finish it soon, but I need time. I’ll get to work on it write away. You’ll love the ending.”

“I hope so.”

“He’s still not here.”


“The pizza delivery guy. Frankly, I’m shocked he wasn’t here, I don’t know, ten hours ago!”

”Luke, I’m sure he’ll be here soon.”

”Are you sure? Last time we ordered out, the delivery guy was a day late, and, and, he forgot the burger on my double bacon cheeseburger.”

”Leia, he’ll be here soon.”

“He’s here… and he forgot the cheese on the pizza!”

Via Daily Prompt: Shock


Author: Aidan Davis

I love reptiles, and I am definitely a cat person. I drum, and I also play guitar. I have a pretty big NERF gun collection that I share with my little brother, Eli. I love advanced calculus math, geometry, and trigonometry (the symbol for the inverse hyperbolic cosine of a number is cosh⁻¹). Here is an equation with cosh⁻¹: cosh⁻¹1=ln(1+√1²-1)=? You find out!

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